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Monday, March 19, 2018

Meysam Badamchi, BSc PhD

Before I start my postdoctoral research at the Center for Modern Turkish Studies (CEMTS), I did not have any clear idea about how CEMTS was. Although I had lived in Turkey for two years already, it was my first academic affiliation in a Turkish university which such a big name. When I became a member of the center, I was amazed by the type of stimulating environment it had: it was both academically high-level, and from the perspective of human relations friendly. I was encircled by people who are good friends to talk to, and reliable scholars to learn from!

Being hosted as a researcher on civil-military relations in the Middle East at CEMTS was invaluable to my research on Egypt and Turkey. Working with Professor Ümit Cizre, a leading expert on the subject helped me conceptualize my comparative study the two countries. The deep discussions we had not only thoroughly informed me of the Turkish case, but helped me think in broader terms about the controversial topic of civil-military relations in the entire Middle East, and beyond. Also, Muzaffer Şenel was a most reliable colleague. Not only did he help me with contacts for my fieldwork interviews, but he also organized a panel on Egypt, where he invited me to speak. I contextualized Egypt in comparative and contrasting terms to Turkey’s history of civil-military relations. Şehir University in general and CEMTS in particular have been very generous to me and most helpful in facilitating my research. I look forward to more opportunities for future collaboration.

Marwa Maziad, BA MA PhD

Samuele Tavani, BA MA

Interning at the CEMTS has been a unique professional and academic opportunity to learn about Turkish politics and society in a rich and diverse cultural environment. During the time at the CEMTS, I had the opportunity of improving my knowledge of Middle East politics, with a focus on the so-called Arab Spring and, especially, on the role played by Turkey within this context. A part from the academic point of view, what I will never forget is the helpfulness, the cordiality and the professionalism of the people of CEMTS.

My fields of interest are the Balkans and discriminative discourses, policies and practices (especially xenophobia). The one-year long stay at Sehir allowed me primarily to get to know the goings on of Turkish academia and expand my scholarly network. The research I have done is being sent to academic journals as we speak, and it helped in getting my next appointment; I am currently a research scholar at Lund University in Sweden. It was a pleasant experince; I received a lot of support from my colleagues (especially from Muzaffer Senel), as well as from the staff.

Srđan Jovanović, PhD

Former Researchers in 2015

Meysam Bademchi
1 month (from last year)

Srdjan Jovanovic
1 year (arrived in June)

Autumn K. Patterson
Princeton Scholarship
3 months

William Gourlay
Monash University, Australian Scholarship
5 months

Harout Marashlian
Hrant Dink Foundation Scholarship
6 months

Xavier Daniel Palacios Mengod
9 months

Former Researchers in 2014

Meysam Bademchi
TÜBİTAK Research Fellowship Programme for International Researchers, 2216
1 September 2013 – 1 September 2014

Yakoob Ahmed
The School of Oriental and African Studies-London (SOAS)
1 September 2013 – 1 September 2014

Xavier Daniel Palacios Mengod
3 months

Helin Alagöz
Free University of Berlin
1 February 2014 – 31 December 2014

Kymberly S. Newberry
Mount Holyoke College, Frances Perkins Scholar
15 May 2014 – 1 September 2014

Samira Moussaoui
University of Setif 2, Algeria
1 June 2014 – 1 July 2014

Ahlam Bouriane
University of Setif, Algeria
1 month

Zahia Mebarki
University of Setif, Algeria
1 month

Autumn K. Patterson
3 months

William Gourlay
Monash University, Australian Scholarship
3 months

Former Researchers in 2013

Marwa Maziad
University of Washington Seattle Middle East Center
Jackson School of International Studies
1 May – 1 October 2013

Former Researchers in 2012

Mattia Rizzi
Università degli Studi di Pavia, Department of Political Science and International Relations
10 January – 10 April 2012

Elena Masnada
Università degli Studi di Pavia, African and Asian Studies
1 November 2012 – 30 January 2013

Former Researchers in 2011

Rehab Sakr
University of Freiburg, Arnold Bergestrasser Institute
25 June – 15 August 2011