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Monday, March 19, 2018

Research Projects

  • Institutions and Individuals in the Distribution of Welfare in Europe

This project aims to develop a new approach in welfare state studies using new conceptualization and the state of the art statistical techniques. This approach will be used to analyze the roles of four main institutions—namely the state, the family, the market, and local actors in the distribution of welfare shaped by the intersections of age, class, gender, and race relations in Europe.

Demographic ageing and economic fluctuations brought new social risks to societies through their effects on economic growth, unemployment rates, and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pension systems. Under this circumstance, the welfare state and the distribution of welfare in a society have become significant discussion topics in academic and policy circles. It seems, the distribution of welfare in ageing European societies is particularly a vital research topic today in the analyses of social, demographic, and economic challenges in Europe.

Find more info and updates on Welfare Distribution Project Blog. For the relating Workshop on Social Policies visit the event page.

  • 15 Temmuz Mülakat Veri Tabanı Projesi (15th July Interview Database Project)

The project, operating under the supervision of İstanbul Şehir University Sociology department teaching staff member Assist. Prof. Mehmet Fatih AYSAN, at hand aims to create a qualitative and quantitative database regarding the coup attempt that occurred on July 15-16 2016 in Turkey through in-depth interviews with individuals who had experienced it from first hand.

The subject of the project is how the individuals who experienced it from first hand interpret the coup attempt. As the insistence of the people who took it on the streets vis-à-vis the putschists who were superior in terms of armament was very influential in stopping the coup attempt, whether spontaneously or after the Turkish President’s directives, it becomes an important reason to understand the resistance. Additionally, the research project also aims to provide a holistic perspective by creating an accurate narrative of the events.

The research will gather qualitative and quantitative data via in-depth interviews and examine these with qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis. The interviewees will be chosen from locations in Istanbul and Ankara that were active during the night of the coup attempt.

The project will have produced primary resource data on the matter that may be used in the future for further academic publications, contribute to the academic literature after the data integration and report preparation phases, and contribute to public understanding of the subject via the publication in which research results will appear in.

Keywords: July 15, Coup Attempt, Turkey.

For more info e-mail to 15temmuz@sehir.edu.tr