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Monday, March 19, 2018


The visiting researcher program welcomes researchers working on Turkey from all over the world. It is designed to provide a variety of activities, facilities, focused programs, and summer schools to provide and promote analytical and in-depth knowledge about Turkey to serve the research needs of scholars.

One objective of the program is to facilitate researchers to benefit from being in the country of their object of academic study, the other is to develop relations among the institutions having academic interest in Turkey.

Visiting researchers may apply for short- and long-term research. The Center for Modern Turkish Studies – Visiting Researchers Program admits applications from faculty members, senior researchers, postdoctoral researchers, doctoral candidates, and graduate researchers. Since its foundation, over a very short period of three years, the CEMTS Visiting Scholars Program has hosted eight exceptional international scholars.


Facilities offered to visiting fellows:

  • University ID
  • Unlimited access to the Library. Library can bring any demanded book on the research subject.
  • Shared office with fully equipped desk (phone, stationery etc)
  • Printout and photocopy support (amount determined by the Center/University administration)
  • Dining support (amount determined by the Center/University administration)
  • Computer technical support
  • Shuttle (within the limits of possibility)

In addition to these,

  • Regarding to duration and so long as publishing, support for participation to scientific activities can be given.
  • Regarding to duration in the Center and performance, providing an assistant (within the limits of possibility)
  • Accommodation support (within the limits of possibility)
  • If researcher can give lectures, support for participation to scientific activities and providing an assistant can be revisited by the Board Members.

For inquiries:

Muzaffer ŞENEL (Director of the Center)
+90 (216) 444 40 34 – 9070