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Monday, March 19, 2018
PROGRAM: 08.45 - Karşılama 09.05 - Saygı Duruşu ve İstiklal Marşı 09.10 - Panel Konuşmacılar: Mehmet Alkan - İstanbul Üniversitesi Gökhan Çetinsaya - İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi ​Moderatör: Muzaffer Şenel - İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi Tarih: 10.11.2017 | Saat: 09:00 | YER : Dragos Kampüs Konferans Merkezi, 150

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CEMTS - A Glimpse

The Center for Modern Turkish Studies, CEMTS, supports original and top-notch research on TURKEY within the context of the Social Sciences and Humanities contributing to the creation of knowledge concerning the last two centuries.  One major goal of CEMTS is to function as an independent resource center and a center of excellence meeting the growing needs for a credible, visible, and leading-edge academic voices regarding Turkish studies. Since CEMTS was founded in 2011, it has become a center of attraction for international researchers and scholars from different disciplines specializing on Turkey.

CEMTS has been engaged in organizing international academic meetings, conferences, workshops, and solo talks on critical issues concerning Turkey. Eminent national and international scholars, noted public figures, prominent policy makers, and parliamentarians have been frequent participants in CEMTS’ academic activities.

In addition, the Center offers a visiting researcher program, where it welcomes researchers, scholars, and practitioners from Turkey and abroad who are interested in studying Modern Turkey.

The Center publishes reports and papers and runs a Master’s Program in Modern Turkish Studies within the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences constituting a unique interdisciplinary graduate program focused on Turkey. We currently have 30 graduate students. Additionally, the Center organizes brief focused programs and summer schools providing fresh analytical approaches and knowledge about Turkey to those who work at the international institutions, think tanks, and governmental agencies and policy makers.